Offering the canadian market


We process some of our fruits and vegetables to facilitate their marketing, especially in our recently established ready-to-eat division, where we now prepare pineapples, among others, based on a revolutionary process that extends perishable goods' useful life.

Our custom packing service limits food handling and, by the same token, considerably diminishes the risk of spreading bacteria and other such undesirables. We gather the fruits and vegetables based on quantities and varieties requested, and we also select environment-friendly containers and labels. Our leading-edge facilities allow for top-notch flexibility in meeting requirements, and in short turnaround times.

In other respects, as a result of our conformance to GS1 Canada, an organization that develops standards and solutions to improve supply chain management, we are entitled to create industry standard-compliant bar codes that enhance transparency and enable unparalleled efficiency all along the food services supply chain.

Following receipt of an important order, we propose to our client base qualified labor trained expressly to individually sort the foods so as to keep only those products that meet the market's quality requirements. Our skilled employees emphasize and harness their attention to detail and rigorousness to perform highly selective filtering.