Offering the canadian market


Bercy Foods offers a comprehensive line of nutritious, colorful fruits and vegetables in an environment emphasizing eco-friendliness and nutritional value, and whose structure is carefully planned based on self-supplying at source. In addition, our firm promotes fair trade, in particular regarding bananas.

Grape, cherry and Italian (Roma) tomatoes are sorted, washed and packed under the Bercy-specific Delicioso and Buenissima labels, in a first-rate hygienic environment.  No efforts are spared to provide you with our flagship product at its most succulent and inspiring.  Whether raw or cooked, in a salad or sauce, our tomatoes bring a highly valuable nutritional contribution to your diet.

As part of its broad selection of products, Bercy Foods includes sweet peas and snow peas, real vitaminized candies bursting with flavor and freshness.

Aided by the cutting-edge equipment we have acquired, Bercy Foods is in a position to prepare pineapples by removing the crown, the lower part and the rough outer skin using an innovative process that allows the fruit to retain its freshness and delectably sweet and tangy aroma and flavor.

Produits Bio

Organic products
In tune with consumers’ growing demand for organic food, and fully aware of the importance of being eco-concerned in an industry that depends on tapping into and harnessing Mother Earth, our firm offers you an assortment of organic products thanks to the invaluable co-operation of our partners.

Furthermore, we make it a point to ensure that our suppliers’ and our own facilities conform to standards imposed by Ecocert Canada, a reference among organic product certification organizations.