Offering the canadian market

Corporate profile

Bercy Foods inc., a young, fast-growing company affiliated to the Courchesne Larose Group, dedicates itself to processing, packing and sorting fruits and vegetables, as well as importing and distributing organic products. Our mission is clear: gather the food safety conditions most beneficial to and protective of health and the environment.

Owing to the invaluable co-operation maintained with producers and distributors, Bercy Foods self-supplies at the sources, and thus lays out its own distribution channels, which allows us to continually monitor and track quality of the merchandise that winds up on your table.

Because we value and insist on offering our clients exquisite-tasting market garden products, Bercy Foods have recently created a new ready-to-eat product division to meet the continuous trend in favor of processed, packed products. The purpose of this initiative consists in minimizing products’ handling operations while providing for their protection in order to preserve their freshness as long as possible.